• Capability to trim landscape formatted books up to 12.1" (307 mm) x 12.9" (328 mm)

  • Full high-speed digital control for fast and accurate set-ups in under 6 seconds

  • Bar code system for fully automated set-up

  • Simultaneous in-line and near-line book feeding option to maximize utilization

  • Automatic size detection of untrimmed book blocks

  • 10.5" (267 mm) color touch screen display

  • Precision knife depth control reducing cut stick wear and knife depth machine adjustments

  • Automated precision finish cut mode for jobs with large spine trim cuts

  • Live graphical display of book path

  • Thickness range up to 2" (51 mm)

  • Hydraulic powered cutting

  • No tools or clamp boards required during book size changes

  • Integrated computer diagnostics with graphical display of sensor locations

  • Strong knife assembly and table support design to minimize deflection