Oliver 2102EPII

Oliver-2102EPII is a 40” two color convertible perfector model with Sakurai’s unique automation that provides higher productivity, drastic reduction of make-ready time, and easy operation. This model is a heavy duty machine compared with other machines in the market. Both high-pile and low-pile models are available. This machine is designed for high quality short runs as well as long run 16 page signatures. With fast make readies and running speeds the Sakurai 2102EPII is easy to operate and extremely profitable. Unique Features Sakurai’s exclusive automatic plate changing system (SPC: Sakurai Plate Changing System) (No tail edge bending required. Ideal for both conventional aluminum plate and polyester plate.)Sakurai’s exclusive automatic perfector change-over system (No tools required. Also allows automatic sheet size adjustment in perfecting mode. )Sakurai’s interactive system (SIS: Sakurai Interactive System) This touch panel display is available as standard unlike other manufacturers.Olivermatic: Continuous dampening system (With a touch button on-off control of the bridge roller)Segmented ink fountain blade (With the dial gauge ink keys making ink adjustments easier and more accurate)Remote control running register adjustment (Through SIS, both lateral and circumferential adjustment can be remotely achieved even on the run.)Plate cylinder cocking device (Without any tools, the operator can twist the plates to make adjustments even on the run.)Automatic ink roller wash-up device.Automatic blanket cleaning device.

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