Trojan Label
T2 L

Designed for on-demand printing for flexible packaging,

the T2-L is the world’s first narrow format, industrial quality,

water-based inkjet press.

Equipped with in-line heat-seal, cold lamination, and a

static eliminator, the T2-L is the first of its kind in the flexible

packaging industry. To seamlessly print and pack, the

T2-L produces high-resolution, water-fast, durable images

with Natura™ food-safe inks, and easily accommodates

variable data, small runs, or 24/7 production, eliminating

unnecessary material waste.

For optimal performance with the Natura ink, the T2-L

is compatible with an extensive portfolio of qualified,

flexible packaging materials for a variety of products,

including food.

• High print speed up to 12 inches

per second (60 ft per minute)

• Superior print resolution up to

1600 dpi

• Print width 2” to 8.8"

• World's first narrow format

flexible packaging, water-based

inkjet press

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