The SABER line of heavy-duty, precision paper cutters combines proven mechanical design - manufactured to ISO-9001 standards, with state-of-the-art electronics. Incorporating the knowledge gained in over 20,000 microcut installations worldwide, the system offers a wide array of programming options and features, presented in an intuative, easy to use format. Precision CuttingThe knife bar is drawn through the pile, pulled from both sides (double arm pull), insuring stable, precise cutting with even the most difficult stock.Backgauge ControlA ball bearing leadscrew and linear guide are integral to backguage control. Together with SABER's patented DC drive system, smooth and accurate positioning is assured at all speeds.World-Class ControlsThe multi-lingual active matrix, touch screen guides the operator through all operations. Real time data collection, network ready interface, and a disk drive for on-site data input and retrieval are all standard.Quality Construction & Ease of MaintenanceChromed main side tables, a one piece base which integrates table supports, and computer controlled lubrication are but a few of the features that add up to 11,000 pounds of precision machinery and years of trouble free operation.Operator & Machine SafetySABER is designed to comply with the new CE safety standards, acknowledged as the most stringent in the world. Some 150 machine functions are monitored over 1000 times a second, with duplicity in all circuits.