Champion 305 TC
  • Up to 26 cuts per minute

  • Virtually maintenance-free design

  • Fully-adjustable knife bar gibs (front and rear)

  • 30.5" / 77.5 cm cutting width, 4" / 10.2 cm clamp opening

  • Hydraulic clamping and cutting

  • Line-light cut position indicator

  • False clamp plate

  • Cast iron and steel construction

  • Low-pressure pre-clamping protects operator from injury (less than 66 PSI)


TC Control System Features:

  • 10.5" Color Touch Screen control panel

  • JDF and network capable hardware

  • Electronic Clamp Pressure control

  • USB port for simple thumb drive program entry

  • Ability to receive .csv files making offline programming and memory storage simple

  • Repeat and Loop commands streamline program entry

  • Auto-programming features of sheet division and label cutting with animated graphics

  • Programmable Clamp pressure per cut

  • Automatic Fraction to Decimal Conversion

  • Unlimited program storage capacity

  • Program Lockout

  • Computer Diagnostic Tools

  • ANSI safety standard compliant and CE, UL and cUL Listed