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K.WILSON & COMPANY INC. sells a full range of equipment and comprehensive services for the print industry. We are truly a full coverage provider. We install, service and maintain everything that we sell. 

When it is too big or too heavy to fit on the elevator, when that one of a kind printing press absolutely must keep going as long as possible, or when it's time to replace the old with something from the bewildering choices of new, what do you do, who do you call?

K.WILSON & COMPANY INC., of course.  We have handled every imaginable situation and we are ready for challenges not yet imagined. Where others see a brick wall, we see an open window.

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Complex Installation and Planning

Large scale jobs can involve  removing old equipment, installing its replacement, and making everything perform perfectly. That can be dauntingly complex!

K.WILSON & COMPANY INC. has been doing exactly that successfully to the satisfaction of hundreds of customers for decades.

You can count on us.

Post-Sales Support

Installing a large scale print operation is a technical and logistical feat, but that's just the start.

K.WILSON & COMPANY INC. has the depth of expertise to troubleshoot problems and keep things running smoothly long after everything is put in place.

We get it done and we keep it going.

Legacy Equipment Support

Sometimes, circumstances or just preferences dictate that an old gem of a press must keep running.

At K.WILSON & COMPANY INC. we have seen them all and we have the connections to suppliers of legacy parts.  If we can't keep it running, it can't be done.

You can also trust us to advise you on best practice.  There are times when you must just unhitch that tired old horse from the plow.





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